Juan Williams: Trump, the Great Destroyer

OPINION: The president is ruining vital American institutions, including the Supreme Court.

Juan Williams: The GOP can’t govern

OPINION: If Republicans keep the House in November, it will be a recipe for more dysfunction.

Juan Williams: Trump is tearing the racial fabric

OPINION: The president is creating division through his words and deeds.

Juan Williams: Tide shifts away from Trump on NFL

OPINION: President Trump thought his attacks on kneeling players were a political winner. He may be wrong.

Juan Williams: Trump’s ‘majority’ is fake

OPINION: Neither the president nor his Senate enablers have real democratic legitimacy.

Juan Williams: Trump weaves web of corruption

OPINION: The president has corroded the soul of American public life

Juan Williams: Shutdown would be loser for Trump and GOP

OPINION: The president is trying to force the issue, and that would mean pain for his party in the midterms.

Juan Williams: What does Putin have on Trump?

OPINION: The idea that the president is being blackmailed by Russia can no longer be dismissed.

Juan Williams: Putin wins as GOP spins

OPINION: President Trump’s softness toward Russia is bad enough but his party is now singing the same song

Juan Williams: My immigrant story

OPINION: For those Americans born overseas, President Trump’s callousness hits especially hard.

Juan Williams: The GOP’s deal with the devil

OPINION: The party will pay a high price for its embrace of Trump and Trumpism.

Juan Williams: Trump’s toxic record on race

OPINION: The president has consistently catered to some of the worst impulses in our nation.

Juan Williams: Midterms will be referendum on Trump

OPINION: The question of impeachment is a sideshow to the bigger issue of the president’s record.

Juan Williams: Trump’s dangerous lies on Iran

OPINION: The president’s decision to abandon the nuclear deal is an historic mistake.

Juan Williams: Trump’s useful idiots

OPINION: Kanye West made a fool of himself with his recent comments in support of the president.

Juan Williams: The stench from Trump’s swamp is growing

OPINION: Shady ethics are widespread in this administration Рincluding at the White House itself.

Juan Williams: The GOP’s tired Farrakhan smear

OPINION: Republicans are trying to tie Democrats to the Nation of Islam leader on spurious grounds.

Juan Williams: GOP has sold its soul on Russia

OPINION: In their desire to protect the president, prominent Republican lawmakers have abandoned democratic norms.

Juan Williams: Trump and GOP collide with reality

OPINION: The president and his party colleagues are struggling to deliver on their promises.