Top Federalist Society official initially paid for Scott Pruitt’s costly dinner in Rome, EPA officials confirm

An EPA spokesman would not say what the dinner cost, when Pruitt reimbursed Leonard Leo for it.

A top aide to EPA chief Scott Pruitt resigns amid scrutiny

Albert ‘Kell’ Kelly faced questions about why the FDIC banned him from banking last year, around the time he joined EPA.

A once obscure office at HUD is the subject of unusually intense lobbying effort

An industry group, angry over regulations, targeted two career officials for ties to Obama.

Unlike those in the resistance, certain career officials’ stars have risen under Trump

Some civil servants who were out of sync with the Obama White House are now wielding key influence — at times helping to undo policies they opposed in previous years.

Trump Cabinet members accused of living large at taxpayer expense

A half dozen senior officials are now mired in federal investigations over high-end travel and extrravagant expenses.

HUD Secretary Carson’s wife weighed in on redecorating effort, new emails show

Staff sought out used furniture in department’s basement while ordering new dining set

HUD to comply with congressional request on redecoration of Carson’s office

Aides to the secretary have denied the department overspent to redecorate Carson’s office despite employee’s complaint.

Under fire for travel expenses, Pruitt cancels trip to Israel

The Environmental Protection Agency chief has faced criticized over the past week for the cost of his domestic and international travel.

Public confrontations prompted Pruitt to switch to first-class travel, EPA says

A particular incident in May involved “threatening” and “vulgar” language, the agency said Thursday in justifying Pruitt’s costly travel.

Public confrontations prompted Pruitt to switch to first-class travel, EPA says

A particular incident in May involved “threatening” and “vulgar” language, the agency said Thursday in justifying Pruitt’s costly travel.

First-class travel distinguishes Scott Pruitt’s EPA tenure

His trips are less publicized and more expensive than has been the agency’s norm.

Trump administration plan would roll back environmental reviews covering use of public lands

The Bureau of Land Management document is a blueprint for speeding up mining, oil extraction and more, raising concerns among environmental groups.

Carson calls for HUD inspector general to review his family’s role at the department

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson has called on his department’s inspector general to “review” the role his family members have played there.

Scott Pruitt pushes back on finding that would restrict pesticides’ use to protect fish

The latest battle over chlorpyrifos and other products pits the EPA against the Endangered Species Act.

‘Using his position for private gain’: HUD lawyers warned Ben Carson risked running afoul of ethics rules by enlisting son

The secretary allowed his son to help organize a “listening tour” in Baltimore despite warnings.

White House plan would reduce environmental requirements for infrastructure projects

Administration officials have made it clear to lawmakers and trade groups that they are seeking to make the most sweeping changes in decades to how the federal government approves and oversees infrastructure projects.

Antiabortion activist abruptly steps down as head of HHS’s family planning division

Teresa Manning–an antiabortion activist in charge of Health and Human Services’ family planning programs–is leaving her post,

Feinstein, McCarthy disagree on immigration policy during meeting with Trump

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) voiced disagreements about immigration issues during a White House meeting hosted by President Trump on Jan. 9.

Interior puts grants to nonprofits, universities through political-appointee review

The new system, affecting millions of taxpayer dollars, aims to “promote the priorities” of Trump administration.

The Trump administration just changed its overtime guidance — and business cheers

Labor revives 17 “opinion letters” that Obama officials nixed nine years ago.