Trump is blasted at climate talks, but Paris accord lives on

BONN, Germany — President Donald Trump is taking a beating at the United Nations climate conference here.

Politicians from across the globe mischievously pose for photographs beside a sign at a French pavilion that reads “Make Our Planet Great Again.” Climate activists repeatedly chastise Trump in panel conversations and throughout the convention halls. The leaders of Mexico and Canada formalized an agreement to circumvent the president and work directly with mostly Democratic governors of climate-minded states.

Yet despite the vitriol and disregard for Trump — and his announced withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement — the diplomats and other officials in Bonn are breathing a sigh of relief. Climate advocates had feared the worst — that the White House would make moves to undercut the pact, a disruptive posture that might do serious damage to the international accord.

Instead, the Trump administration made no notable efforts other than to Continue reading “Trump is blasted at climate talks, but Paris accord lives on”

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