Sentence buried in GOP memo may undercut Trump efforts to discredit Russia probe

For the first time, investigators confirm that the origin of the investigation had nothing to do with a controversial dossier.

Republicans and Democrats do battle over ‘crumbs’ for working Americans in tax legislation

Pelosi’s comments about the new tax law have become part of the GOP’s election-year arsenal. New polling suggests they may be onto something.

Trump sets ambitious agenda, touts ‘new American moment’ in State of the Union speech

The conciliatory tone of Trump’s first State of the Union address was sharply at odds with the combative manner in which he has conducted his presidency.

Trump’s first State of the Union: Can a divisive president flip the script?

At a critical moment in his presidency, Trump’s challenge is to reach beyond his core supporters.

Trump’s words reveal his misunderstanding of nation’s history of immigration

Trump’s focus on nation of origin for immigrants could exclude the ancestors of most Americans, including his own.

New marijuana crackdown policy could become election-year headache for GOP

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s push for more enforcement of marijuana laws has opened divisions within his own party.

‘That’s the model’: Republican Cory Gardner stands up to President Trump

The senator from Colorado picks his battles, and unlike other Republicans, takes action.

With Moore’s defeat, #MeToo movement forces a reckoning

Allegations that Roy Moore made inappropriate advances on teenage girls turned a race upside down.

Why Democrats decided Franken had to go

His forced resignation was a political and moral calculation, aimed at drawing a contrast with Republicans on sexual abuse.

McConnell predicts unpopular tax bill will be a winning issue for GOP

Majority leader says voters will be feeling effects on the economy before next fall’s election.

Trump’s best and worst day as president

With his biggest legislative victory in sight, the Russia investigation takes a dire turn.

Franken faces pressure to quit as Democrats demand ‘zero tolerance’ for sexual misconduct

Once seen as a potential 2020 challenger to Trump, the former ‘SNL’ star is now fighting for political survival.

Sexual harassment debate advances an issue — and confuses it

While action against alleged harassers is swift in most fields, politics has its own rules.

Abuse allegations have revived scrutiny of Bill Clinton — and divided Democrats

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said Clinton should have resigned after his affair with Monica Lewinsky. A longtime Clinton aide lashed back.

Women marched. Now what?

Thousands of anti-Trump activists, who gathered in Detroit this weekend, look to turn their protest into a movement.

Republicans who decried Obamacare secrecy now writing legislation in secret

Transparency takes a back seat to expediency as the GOP scrambles to pass a health-care bill.

Trump looms over Georgia special election, a proxy battle for 2018

Polls are tight in a contest between energized Democratic forces and a GOP mobilized by fear of what may be coming in next year’s midterm battle for control of Congress.

The Trump effect: Everyone’s thinking of running for president.

A free-for-all in 2020 is already taking shape, with the Democratic nomination wide open.

The GOP inherits what Trump has wrought

The president’s behavior becomes a model — and a burden — for Republican candidates.

Ample precedent argues that special investigation won’t impede parallel congressional probes

Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein assured lawmakers Friday that his appointment of a special counsel won’t step on their panels.