Senate Democrats press inspectors general to probe Trump’s resistance to Russia sanctions

The letter is the latest expression of frustration from senators who want to know why the Trump administration hasn’t fully implemented the measures.

Russia favored Trump in 2016, Senate panel says, breaking with House GOP

The clash could complicate Republican messaging surrounding the Russia probe as the parties head into the 2018 election season.

Gina Haspel, Trump’s pick to lead CIA, wins support of Senate Intelligence Committee

With recent endorsement from key Democrats, her confirmation on the Senate floor is all but guaranteed later this month.

Lawmakers takes step toward nullifying nuclear arms treaty with Russia

The measure would give President Trump one year to declare Russia is in compliance with the INF Treaty, or declare that the U.S. considers the 1987 pact defunct.

Feinstein formally opposes Haspel as senators declare votes for Trump’s CIA pick

Haspel appeared to have enough support to be confirmed — unless Feinstein and McCain’s appeals to oppose her sway those still on the fence.

Senate Intelligence Committee releases interim report on election security

It’s the first of four interim reports the panel is expected to produce in its probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, before releasing a final report in the fall.

CIA sends classified Haspel files to Hill as top Democrat demands materials be made public

Top Senate Intelligence Committee Democrat Mark R. Warner demanded that Haspel declassify documents related to her tenure, as Haspel headed to the Hill to make her case to become agency director.

Senators release bipartisan proposal to reauthorize use of force against non-state groups

The legislation, which the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will take up later this month, would replace the 2001 and 2002 AUMFs with a new authorization.

In Congress, both critics and supporters of Syria strike call for clearer strategy

Leaders sharply divided over whether the strikes were legal, a debate that is likely to resurface when senators tackle a new AUMF later this month

Bipartisan senators expected to release compromise special counsel bill

The joint legislation comes in the wake of President Trump’s latest tirade against special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. But it is not clear whether Republicans will put it to a floor vote.

Congressman alleges McCabe lied to Comey, exposing apparent rift between FBI officials

McCabe says his boss knew of his interactions with a reporter, and there are emails to prove it.

Senate Judiciary’s Russia-related probe requests documents from more Trump campaign officials

The panel made a bipartisan request for communications from John Mashburn and Rick Dearborn, who both went on to serve in the White House.

McCain asks CIA director nominee Haspel to explain role in post-9/11 interrogations

The senator, a former POW who was tortured in Vietnam, asked her to detail her part in the agency’s controversial techniques.

Trump’s Homeland Security chief faces Senate pressure to move faster on election security

The agency has made progress since Russia interfered in 2016, but resistance from states has complicated efforts to share information and report breaches.

‘Deterring our adversaries’: Senators call for immediate steps to protect elections

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s recommendations are one product of a year-long probe into Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower to testify to House Democrats on Facebook data operation

A lawyer for Christopher Wylie confirmed that he plans to speak with Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, who have pledged to continue their probe of Russian interference despite panel Republicans’ plans to approve a final report on Thursday.

Grassley promises hearings into McCabe’s firing once inspector general’s report is public

Democrats and Republicans have asked the Senate Judiciary Committee chair to schedule a hearing with attorney general Jeff Sessions to explore McCabe’s firing.

After Trump tweets, GOP rallies around Mueller — but not bills to protect him

The president called out special counsel Robert S. Mueller III by name for the first time in a fresh tirade against the Russia probe, but GOP lawmakers showed no new urgency to pass a law restraining him from ordering Mueller fired.

Corker prediction: Trump will pull out of Iran nuclear deal in May

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman works closely with the administration on Iran, and predicted that Trump would not waive sanctions again, effectively ending the Iran deal.

House Democrats say they have proof State Dept. staff was pushed out over disloyalty to Trump

Whistleblower documents suggest several career personnel were targeted as part of “cleaning” initiative.