Congress votes to end shutdown

On the third day of the government shutdown, Republican and Democratic senators reached a deal to reopen the government and vote on immigration in the coming weeks. The Senate and the House passed a short-term spending bill in the afternoon.

Intel committee lawmakers lose fight over budget language they say gives Trump too much power

The Senate committee chiefs attempted to remove the language from the short-term spending bill, but their efforts were blocked.

Schiff lays out Republican efforts to block access in Russia probe

The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said he would hold House Speaker Paul D. Ryan responsible if the panel’s Russia probe is shuttered.

Lawmakers react to House passage of FISA bill

The House passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act bill Jan. 11, to renew a key NSA surveillance program.

Trump says U.S. delivered F-52 and F-35 fighter jets to Norway

President Trump announced on Jan. 10 that the U.S. has started delivering F-52 fighter jets to Norway, but the jets don’t exist.

Democrats go it alone on Russia probe after partisan breakdowns

Lawmakers in the House and Senate hit a ‘breaking point’ this week, opting to release reports and transcripts without Republican buy-in

Top FBI, DOJ officials huddle with Ryan to talk dossier

The surprise meeting took place on a deadline, set by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, for the FBI and DOJ to turn over documents related to the dossier