Publix halts donations to self-described ‘NRA sellout’ amid boycott, ‘die-in’ protests by David Hogg

Grocery store chain suspends political contributions amid anti-NRA protest led by David Hogg

Rachel Crooks, who accused Trump of sexually assaulting her, wins uncontested Ohio House primary

Trump accuser Rachel Crooks wins uncontested primary for seat in Ohio state house

A top Iowa lawmaker was caught kissing a woman at a bar on video. He has since resigned.

Sen. Bill Dix (R), the married majority leader of the state Senate, appeared to be kissing a female lobbyist.

Illinois governor toasts diversity — with chocolate milk

The governor drank chocolate milk to demonstrate the importance of diversity. The demonstration was the idea of Tyronne Stoudemire, Hyatt Hotels’ vice president of global diversity, who is black.

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens indicted on felony invasion of privacy charge stemming from affair

Republican indicted by St. Louis grand jury for alleged blackmail over a naked photo.

Marco Rubio aims for nuance at town hall, while the crowd demands gun-control action

Survivors, politicians and gun lobbyists discuss which actions should follow the Parkland shooting to prevent others.

A lawmaker’s aide called school-shooting survivors ‘actors.’ Within hours, he was fired.

Benjamin Kelly, an aide to Florida legislator Shawn Harrison, was let go after making his claims on Tuesday.

Chris Christie’s moment in the sun continues — at ABC News

ABC News reportedly hires the former New Jersey governor as a contributor, starting on Tuesday.

Trump on Russia probe: ‘You fight back, oh, it’s obstruction’

President Trump on Jan. 24 suggested that he could be investigated for obstruction of justice for his decision to “fight back” against the Russia probe.

Judge dismisses several counts against Sen. Robert Menendez in corruption case

Menendez’s months-long bribery trial ended in a mistrial, which showed how difficult it can be for the federal government to pursue corruption cases.

Everything you need to know about FOIA: How to be a journalist

The second episode of “How to be a journalist” looks at the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA. Libby Casey talks to investigative reporter Kimbriell Kelly and database editor Steven Rich about how they use open records laws to get information from the government.

Kentucky lawmaker who was accused of molesting a teenage girl likely killed himself, coroner says

Kentucky lawmaker Dan Johnson, who has been accused of molesting a member of his church when she was 17, has died, an official said. Bullitt County Coroner Dave Billings said the Republican state representative — and self-proclaimed “Pope” of his Louisville church — most likely killed himself Wednesday. His body was found near a bridge on Greenwell Ford Road […]

Accused of molesting a teenage girl, Kentucky lawmaker refuses to resign

A Kentucky lawmaker denies allegations he molested a member of his church when she was a teenager.

‘Look, I’m a heterosexual’: Pa. lawmaker brings meeting to halt after male colleague touches his arm

Pa. lawmaker stuns committee members after suggesting male colleague who touched his arm is gay

A message to Roy Moore from his accuser: ‘I am done being silent.’

Leigh Corfman has written Roy Moore an emotional letter insisting he stop calling her a liar

Roy Moore’s communications director resigns

Roy Moore’s communications director John Rogers has resigned from the Senate candidate’s campaign.

Texas sheriff is on the hunt for driver with profane anti-Trump window sticker

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy E. Nehls’s Facebook post raised alarm among free speech advocates.

Alabama pastor says man posing as Washington Post reporter offered reward for dirt on Roy Moore

Marty Baron, executive editor of the The Washington Post, said that the caller’s reporting methods bear “no relationship to reality.”

Woman accuses former president George H.W. Bush of groping her when she was 16

A woman alleged Monday that the former president groped her during a CIA event in 2003, when she was 16.

Meet Andrea Jenkins, the openly transgender black woman elected to public office in the U.S.

Andrea Jenkins has made history as the first openly transgender black woman elected to public office in the United States, gender advocates say.