Democratic Senate candidate in Tennessee Phil Bredesen says he would support Kavanaugh’s confirmation

After weeks of demurring and being attacked by Republicans over the issue, Phil Bredesen announced his decision Friday.

FEC releases new guidance for disclosure of certain donors to political nonprofits

The guidance slightly broadens the types of donors whose identities are newly subject to disclosure.

In deep-red Tennessee, Republicans are anxious about the U.S. Senate race

GOP groups are making a last-ditch effort to prop up Rep. Marsha Blackburn, a Trump ally.

Political nonprofits seek answers after court decision targeting ‘dark money’

Transparency advocates lauded the decision but said groups will find ways to skirt the new regulations.

First lady’s spokeswoman receives warning for Hatch Act violation

The official’s use of Trump 2016 campaign photo and slogan in a tweet constituted political activity, investigators found.

Wealthy donors — including a former GOP backer — spending millions for Senate Democrats

Donors are cutting seven-figure checks to the super PAC backing Senate Democrats, in a sign of intensifying hopes on the left of flipping control of the chamber.

Political nonprofits must now name many of their donors under federal court ruling after Supreme Court declines to intervene

Groups launch ad campaigns in wake of Kavanaugh allegations

The spending is part of a multimillion-dollar advertising battle over embattled Supreme Court nominee.

Koch-backed charity must reveal donor list to California officials, appeals panel rules

The Koch group says it plans to seek further review, potentially setting up a path to a challenge before the Supreme Court.

In Hollywood, there’s a nerdy new hobby: Flipping the House

Donors are eschewing the Democratic Party apparatus, diving into individual races and giving directly to candidate committees.

Koch network announces new super PAC ahead of midterms

With a new super PAC, the network aligned with billionaire Charles Koch aims to expand its influence in Washington.

Why Michael Cohen’s campaign finance crimes were more serious than the Obama campaign’s infraction

Former president Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign committee paid a penalty for a civil infraction. Cohen admitted to criminal violations of election law.

Mega-donors Sheldon and Miriam Adelson pour $25 million in to fight to keep GOP control of Senate

The billionaire couple shelled out $25 million in July to the main super PAC supporting Senate Republicans, bringing their support for holding the GOP majority in both chambers of Congress to $55 million this cycle.

Former Trump lawyer John Dowd gave 2020 campaign excessive contributions — again

The Federal Election Commission flagged Dowd’s donations among 180 cases of impermissible contributions to the president’s reelection committee.

Despite year-of-the-woman buzz, female candidates lag behind men in pulling in campaign cash

Since the majority of women seeking House seats are not incumbents, they have to build donor networks from scratch — a task often made more difficult because of their gender, candidates said.

Koch network says it is withholding support for Heitkamp challenger for now

The decision by the conservative political network to hold its firepower in key races comes as its leaders have criticized the Trump administration and GOP leaders.

Koch group condemns ‘divisiveness’ and ‘lack of leadership’ in Washington

At two-day gathering, officials with the conservative donor powerhouse issued warnings to GOP over tariffs, immigration and the political atmosphere.

Koch network meeting kicks off with anti-protectionism message from Charles Koch

“They’re doing whatever they can to close themselves off from the new, hold on to the past and prevent change,” Koch says in a video referring to the administration’s trade policy.

Koch network project gears up to help inmates reenter society after prison

Overhauling the criminal justice system is one of the top priorities of the network, which leans libertarian with a small-government, free-market agenda.

Liberal activists embrace ‘dark money’ in Supreme Court fight

Their efforts are just the beginning of the high-stakes fight over the nomination, fueled by money from unidentified donors.