Despite year-of-the-woman buzz, female candidates lag behind men in pulling in campaign cash

Since the majority of women seeking House seats are not incumbents, they have to build donor networks from scratch — a task often made more difficult because of their gender, candidates said.

Koch network says it is withholding support for Heitkamp challenger for now

The decision by the conservative political network to hold its firepower in key races comes as its leaders have criticized the Trump administration and GOP leaders.

Koch group condemns ‘divisiveness’ and ‘lack of leadership’ in Washington

At two-day gathering, officials with the conservative donor powerhouse issued warnings to GOP over tariffs, immigration and the political atmosphere.

Koch network meeting kicks off with anti-protectionism message from Charles Koch

“They’re doing whatever they can to close themselves off from the new, hold on to the past and prevent change,” Koch says in a video referring to the administration’s trade policy.

Koch network project gears up to help inmates reenter society after prison

Overhauling the criminal justice system is one of the top priorities of the network, which leans libertarian with a small-government, free-market agenda.

Liberal activists embrace ‘dark money’ in Supreme Court fight

Their efforts are just the beginning of the high-stakes fight over the nomination, fueled by money from unidentified donors.

Big money is flowing into the 2018 fight for the U.S. Senate

While super PACs supporting Democrats did better in June, the Republican National Committee surpassed its Democratic counterpart.

How members of Congress cultivate wealthy donors through a little-known PAC

Groups say leadership PACs let members live “lavish” lifestyles at donors’ expense.

In some toss-up House districts, Democrats have outraised GOP incumbents

The Democrats are seeing a surge of individual donations, indicating grass-roots support, but a lot of that cash is getting eaten up by their initial primary push.

‘Dark money’ groups don’t need to disclose donors to IRS, Treasury says

The decision was hailed by some free-speech groups but criticized by campaign finance watchdogs.

First lady’s spokeswoman may have misused official position in tweet about Trump’s 2016 campaign, complaint alleges

The Office of Special Counsel’s guidance for federal employees warns them against any communications promoting a political candidate, including displaying any items with Trump’s 2016 campaign materials.

Trump raises $90 million for his reelection bid and the Republican Party, with less going to legal fees

Attorneys fees paid by President Trump’s campaign committee have ticked down in the past three months.

FEC struggles to craft new rules for political ads in the digital space

“We’re going to some new place. . . . I’m not exactly sure where that place is,” the panel’s vice chair said.

RNC enters summer 2018 with double the amount of DNC’s war chest

In the place of aggressive fundraising by the Democratic National Committee, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is poised to become the single-biggest backer of Democratic efforts to take back the House in the 2018 midterms.

Bloomberg to spend $80 million, largely to support Democrats’ effort to gain House majority

The former New York mayor is poised to become the single biggest benefactor for the party during the midterms

In latest show of independence, Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity to sit out Virginia Senate race

The Koch network’s main political arm said it is sitting out the contest for the U.S. Senate seat in Virginia, a swing state.

Invitations offer wealthy Chinese access to President Trump at fundraiser

The solicitations, circulated by at least three Chinese companies, have sparked ethical and legal concerns over whether foreigners are using high-dollar fundraisers to gain proximity to the U.S. president.

RNC paid nearly half a million dollars to law firm representing Hope Hicks and others in Russia probes

The latest disclosure by RNC adds to the mounting legal fees associated with the Russia investigations.

GOP activists are already rallying volunteers to stave off Democrats this fall

Flush with cash, conservative groups are starting early in their effort to motivate volunteers and, ultimately, voters.

Giuliani said the Stormy Daniels payment was legal. Here’s what campaign finance experts said.

Extensive public comments by President Trump’s attorney have compounded questions about whether the payment was made to influence the election.