Biden dominates with sharp performance

But whether he helped or hurt the Democratic ticket with his debating skills remains to be seen.

Sharp barbs but no clear winner in testy Biden-Ryan vice presidential debate

Both sides made strong cases for the running mate at the top of their respective ticket.

Romney looks to use his debate momentum to blunt Obama in Ohio

Romney is on a campaign swing in Ohio, the one state where Obama is faring well after last week’s presidential debate.

Romney: President Obama has led from behind in the Middle East

Romney, in a major foreign policy address, said the situation in the Middle East has grown worse under Obama

Unemployment report could help turn tide for Obama campaign

The new job numbers provided balm for the
frazzled nerves of supporters at the end of a tough week.

Obama campaign: Adjustments will be made in strategy following dismal debate

Appearing at a rally in Denver, Obama tried to regain some momentum, taking an immediate shot at Romney.

Listless Obama boosted Romney’s night

A subdued performance from Obama gave Romney the opening he needed to reshape the battle for the White House.