The Health 202: Kennedy’s retirement raises possibility of overturning Roe v. Wade

There’s a real possibility abortion could once again become illegal.

The Health 202: SCOTUS’s only 2018 health-care ruling may land today

Watch for the opinion on NIFLA v. Beccera.

The Health 202: SCOTUS’s only 2018 health-care ruling may land today

Watch for the opinion on NIFLA v. Beccera.

The Health 202: HHS is working to reunite migrant families. But it won’t happen immediately.

Democrats say the process remains inefficient.

The Health 202: Azar: We need to get migrant children out of HHS care as ‘expeditiously’ as possible

The secretary weighed in on Trump’s executive order in our live event yesterday.

The Health 202: The Trump administration will allow people to buy cheaper health plans. But they won’t have certain Obamacare benefits.

The Labor Department will finalize an association health plan rule this morning.

The Health 202: Some of Obamacare’s loudest critics are now defending the law in court

The newest ACA case has created some strange bedfellows.

The Health 202: The Trump administration has given Democrats a generous political gift

Preexisting conditions health coverage is very popular.

The Health 202: Three reasons Obamacare might not get another big SCOTUS moment

We can’t imagine Justice Roberts is eager to revisit the law.

Graham, Menendez agree on desirable North Korea deal but differ on backup military option

Lawmakers and policymakers are closely watching the historic summit in Singapore on Tuesday between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The Health 202: Washington plans to tackle the opioid crisis this month

But the slate of bills will make small not big changes.

The Health 202: Now it’s the White House and Republicans fighting over veterans’ funding

Who knew?

The Health 202: This is what happens to Medicare when you cut taxes but not spending

A Medicare program is projected to run out of money in 2026.

The Health 202: Trump administration rolls out a beauty pageant for Medicaid

Bring on the CMS scorecards.

The Health 202: Medicaid expansion in red states is likely to come via voters in November

Activists are counting on ballot initiatives.

The Health 202: This is going to be the next VA secretary’s first big task

Privatization of medical care will be top of mind for Robert Wilkie.

The Health 202: Why Hurricane Maria killed not dozens but thousands of Puerto Ricans

It’s all about health care, stupid.

The Health 202: Conservative activists aren’t giving up their Obamacare repeal dream

Heritage and company have their own proposal coming.

The Health 202: Why suing over new family planning restrictions could be hard

The Supreme Court upheld a broader regulation 30 years ago.

The Health 202: Democrats are no longer cheering Obamacare plans

Republicans are the ones who own its problems, they say.