The Health 202: These Republicans may pay a political price for their health-care votes

And Democrats know it.

The Health 202: There’s a fight brewing between the Trump administration and drugmakers

It involves Medicare’s prescription drug programs.

The Health 202: Here are three big ways the Trump administration could put its mark on Medicaid

I interviewed Seema Verma yesterday.

The Health 202: Here’s how the Trump administration is expanding a drug pricing database

It’s part of a push aimed at lowering drug prices.

The Health 202: Health industry appears unfazed by Trump’s drug pricing speech

Stocks went up of some of those singled out.

The Health 202: Here’s what to expect from Trump’s speech on drug prices

Hint: it’s not what Democrats are hoping for.

The Health 202: Novartis spends big in Washington. But its investment in Trump’s lawyer backfired big time.

The drugmaker seems to have realized it made a mistake.

The Health 202: Top opioid makers apologized for pill dumping…sort of

It was a raucous day on the Hill.

The Health 202: No one wants to be the big, bad wolf of drug costs

Trump’s speech is now expected to be Friday.

The Health 202: No one wants to be the big, bad wolf of drug costs

Trump’s speech is now expected to be Friday.

The Health 202: Guess what’s in the farm bill? Funding for health plans pushed by Trump

Plans like these have failed before.

The Health 202: Calorie counts at restaurants are aimed at trimming waistlines. But science suggests they don’t necessarily work.

They’re coming to a lunch spot near you on Monday.

The Health 202: Here’s why it’s a nightmare to lower U.S. drug prices

President Trump intends to make a speech on the issue next week.

The Health 202: The government is opening the doors to its big new genetics library

NIH is ready.

The Health 202: Why Republicans don’t talk about repealing Obamacare anymore

Democrats are looking to exploit the GOP’s failure to deliver on a core campaign promise.

Republicans lose their favorite campaign message: Repealing Obamacare

For the first election in nearly a decade, Republicans can’t center their message on eliminating the Affordable Care Act.

The Health 202: Ryan also failed to rein in health-care spending

But his allies said Medicare and Medicaid spending are now up for debate.

The Health 202: Under Trump, immigrants back away from Medicaid, Obamacare subsidies

Clinics that serve immigrant populations are anxiously watching the White House’s budget office.

The Health 202: Trump health officials rewrite big Obamacare rules

Premiums, however, may not decrease in the end.

The Health 202: Why Cleveland is on the front lines of legal battle against opioid makers

The outcome to watch is how much these opioid makers and distributors end up paying out in a likely settlement.