‘We’re back to frontier days’: Michael’s aftermath in Florida

Cut off, without water or power, many rural Floridians are unwilling 21st-century pioneers.

‘I wasn’t going anywhere’: On land of former slaves, a sturdy home gives shelter from the storm

As Hurricane Michael tore through Marianna, Fla., a family stayed put, opening their doors to displaced neighbors.

Rep. Gerald Connolly ‘won the internet’ with his own mock Time cover

The Northern Virginia Democrat moved quickly to create his own meme after The Washington Post reported that President Trump’s magazine cover was fake.

The White House’s confusing statements about Frederick Douglass

President Trump and press secretary Sean Spicer highlighted Frederick Douglass on Feb. 1, the first day of Black History Month. It was unclear from their statements if the two were aware that Douglass, the former slave, abolitionist, author and vice-presidential candidate, died in 1895.

Waiting, on edge, for a refugee family’s arrival

For months, this Washington, D.C. church prepared to welcome a family fleeing Afghanistan. Then President Trump signed an order that could bar them from the country.

Montgomery County Council passes $15 minimum wage for most businesses

It is unclear whether County Executive Isiah Leggett (D) will veto the measure, which some businesses have said is onerous.

Beyer appears confident at first major campaign forum

His opponents, Republican Charles Hernick, and Independent Julio Gracia jockey for attention in Arlington.

Phyllis Schlafly, a conservative activist, has died at age 92

Lawyer, author almost single-handedly stopped passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and helped transform modern-day GOP.

Virginia still has laws banning gay marriage. Should that matter?

More than a year after Supreme Court decision authorized same-sex unions across the land, old laws linger in 30 states.

Former Miss Universe, civil rights legend Dolores Huerta team up against Trump

Alicia Machado, who says Trump mocked her ethnicity and weight gain, says she is applying for citizen so she can vote against him for president.

Clinton (Bill, that is) pitches for Hillary at campaign stops in Va.

George S. McGovern, Democratic nominee who lost to Nixon in ’72, dies at 90

George S. McGovern, the three-term senator from South Dakota who carried the Democratic Party’s liberal banner in the Vietnam War era, launched a star-crossed bid for the presidency in 1972, and energized many of the leading Democrats of the past generation, died Sunday at a hospice in Sioux Falls, S.D. He was 90.

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