Paul Ryan can’t wash his hands of the immigration fight yet

The House speaker finds himself fighting a two-front war on the most politically treacherous issue in GOP politics.

‘He stood up for civility:’ Tributes for ailing McCain a tacit contrast with Trump

Documentary shows Republican senator, who is battling brain cancer, admitting mistakes and asking for forgiveness. But McCain says he has no regrets.

GOP House members, flailing in bids for statewide office, look reliant on Trump’s endorsement

Voters have rejected four Republican representatives’ bids in primary votes.

Republican lawmakers to Trump: Keep up the charm offensive

The GOP welcomes Trump’s treks to the Capitol and golf invites — congressional outreach that vexed Obama. The Democratic president, however, had more legislative successes.

No apology forthcoming for ‘he’s dying anyway’ quip about McCain

John Bolton cites McCain’s support during a 2005 confirmation fight but declines to apologize for remarks of another Trump aide.

Bolton praises McCain but offers no apology over White House aide’s remark

Communications aide Kelly Sadler had said at a closed-door staff meeting that McCain’s opposition to Gina Haspel as CIA director did not matter because “he’s dying anyway.”

Lindsey O. Graham blasts White House aide’s McCain remark as ‘pretty disgusting thing to say’

Graham criticized White House officials Saturday for refusing to condemn a remark made about the mortality of McCain, who is battling brain cancer.

Wisconsin Republicans endorse state senator, ahead of primary to select Tammy Baldwin’s opponent

State Sen. Leah Vukmir (R-Wis.) still must compete in an August primary against Kevin Nicholson, an outsider with financial backing from some Washington-based tea party groups.

Where Democrats agree on campaign messages — and their big division

They don’t want to talk about scandals; they do want to talk about votes.

Second Democrat announces support for CIA nominee Haspel

Sen. Joe Donnelly’s support likely gives Haspel enough votes to win confirmation later this month.

The Democratic establishment shows its strength where it most needs it

In the Senate particularly, where Democrats face an uphill climb, they point to a lack of damaging primary battles as an advantage.

House chaplain rescinds resignation after furor over his ouster by Ryan

The Rev. Patrick J. Conroy, a Catholic priest, said in a letter to Speaker Paul D. Ryan that he gave in to pressure from the speaker’s staff. Now he wants to remain in his position until year’s end.

GOP Senate candidate derides McConnell, calls him ‘Cocaine Mitch’ in new ad

Don Blankenship, a former coal CEO, has delivered a series of personal attacks against the Senate leader and his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

John McCain has surgery after intestinal infection; aides say he’s in stable condition

Senate colleagues who have spoken to McCain report that his mind is sharp, but his office has given no indication about when he will be able to return to the Senate.

Steve Scalise undergoes follow-up medical procedure

The Republican lawmaker was shot at a congressional baseball practice in June.

If Kevin McCarthy wants to be speaker, this may be his biggest obstacle

Of course, the Republicans have to hold onto the House in November, too.

Ryan’s contradiction: Talk inclusive politics but work with Trump

Democrats say the House speaker essentially sublimated his core principles on issues such as diversity and rule of law to get his economic agenda signed into law.

Congress shows some might on military authority after years of inertia

Senators are close to drafting a new war resolution, nearly two decades after Sept. 11 and years of allowing Bush, Obama and Trump to operate without many congressional limits.

Senate committee closes in on new war resolution vote

The biggest stumbling block to writing a new resolution to govern the ongoing war on terrorist groups has been resolved, two key senators say.

Tammy Duckworth delivers baby girl, first senator to give birth while in office

Maile Pearl was born April 9, the second daughter of the senator from Illinois and her husband, Bryan Bowlsbey.