Stark political divide points to a split decision in midterm elections

Analysts envision big gains for Democrats in the House based on suburban energy while Republicans should add seats in Senate races, a verdict unseen since 1970.

Republicans warn ‘green wave’ of Democratic cash could overwhelm House GOP candidates

Internal GOP memo says Democratic candidates will spend almost $50 million more than Republicans in the final sprint to next month’s midterm elections

The battle over Kavanaugh’s court seat began almost 50 years ago

Conservatives took this Supreme Court fight to new levels to avoid getting “borked” again.

Grassley suggests absence of women on Judiciary due to committee’s heavy workload

The committee has never had a Republican woman serve on it, even as the Senate’s ranks have doubled from three to six female GOP senators in recent years.

The Senate’s two faces: A day marked by bipartisan achievements and character attacks

It’s been an extraordinary few weeks inside an institution senators love to call the world’s greatest deliberative body, as the Kavanaugh hearings and follow-up investigations have set the Senate on a hair-trigger.

Seeds of populist anger sown in Wall Street bailout that never reached Main Street

In 2016, nearly a decade after the financial crisis, Donald Trump played on the anger that voters felt as small-town America struggled. That fury is roiling Republican and Democratic politics.

Silent no more, Senate’s angry Republican men roar to Kavanaugh’s defense

Kavanaugh confirmation fight tests McConnell’s ability to play his long game

Winning Senate seats and confirming judges have driven the Kentucky Republican through his 34 years in office. But this Supreme Court fight threatens the GOP’s grip on Congress.

Senate’s seniority rules raise questions when presidential succession is at stake

Depending on what party wins the majority, either 85-year-old Grassley or 78-year-old Leahy would be the Senate’s pro tempore — and in the line of presidential succession.

Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill showdown shadows Senate in Kavanaugh nomination

The Judiciary Committee faces a quandary similar to 1991 with a divisive nominee, an allegation of sexual wrongdoing and political implications for an upcoming election.

Deficit hawks are dead, and few in Washington can muster any outrage

‘I’m not really that interested in incumbency’: Sen. Ben Sasse muses about his future

Boiling resistance to Trump produces Democrats’ herbal tea party

Liberals have demanded confrontation, reflected in a Massachusetts primary loss for an incumbent, the Chicago mayor bowing out and the Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

‘America was always great’: Meghan McCain rebukes Trump

With a mix of sorrow and defiance, the late senator’s daughter went to the heart of the matter, casting her father as an American hero and the president as a mere shadow.

‘All politics is personal’: Biden recalls his bond with McCain in a bipartisan time

At the memorial service, the former vice president essentially lectured the U.S. senators about how they have let an institution wither into a daggers-drawn partisan environment.

McCain’s choices for days of tributes deliver a symbolic final rebuke to Trump

‘Kind of an irreplaceable void’: GOP wonders if anyone can seize the McCain mantle

The six-term Arizona senator, who died Saturday, filled so many spaces in the GOP’s intellectual firmament. No single Republican is poised to fill that role.

Insults, straight talk, expertise — McCain knew how to attract the media

The late Arizona senator failed more often than he succeeded, but John McCain kept fighting, and it was impossible not to watch.

McCain was a force of nature in Washington with an unrivaled global stature

The Arizona Republican used his prominence to wage battles with congressional leaders and presidents, Democrats and Republicans alike.

‘Is this Watergate or Peyton Place?’: Clinton impeachment question shadows Congress in Trump era

Days after the guilty plea from Trump’s ex-lawyer, Republicans and Democrats ask what constitutes a “high crime” and grounds for impeachment.