‘Wave versus the map’: Democratic control of Senate moves from preposterous to possible

Democrats have a narrow path to the majority in the Senate. The debate is over just how narrow, and whether the forces working against the GOP and President Trump are setting the stage for a wave election.

Trump declines to say if he’d agree to interview with special counsel

President Trump on Jan. 10 said that “we’ll see what happens” after a reporter asked if he would agree to be interviewed by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III.

Trump: Immigration plan must include funding for border wall

President Trump said on Jan. 10 that any deal that Congress reaches about immigration issues has “got to include the wall” that he’s pledged to build on the southern border.

Trump: U.S. ‘could conceivably go back in’ Paris climate accord

President Trump said on Jan. 10 that the Paris climate accord “was very unfair” to the U.S. He also said the U.S. “could conceivably go back in” the deal.

Trump embraces earmarks, but don’t count on a similar hug from GOP Congress

Even Trump’s own liaison with Congress in a television interview undercut the businessman-president’s affection for earmarks that once greased the legislative skids in Congress.

This year is shaping up to be a clash of Republican idealists vs. realists

Given how aggressive Republicans were in 2017, failing on health-care and narrowly passing a tax overhaul, this is not the time for big initiatives that could blow up in their faces.

Is Mitt Romney the Senate’s next #NeverTrumper?

Romney, presumed to be preparing for a Senate bid in Utah, has been one of Trump’s loudest critics. The role is his if he wants it in the upper chamber, but does he?