In 25 years, there will be more old Americans than young ones

In 1900, there were 10 young people for everyone 65 and older. Now there are fewer than two.

Everyone wants to make everything great again: An overview

Trump tweeted that he wants to “make the U.N. great again.”

2018 has been deadlier for schoolchildren than service members

But military service is still much more dangerous.

‘If true’: Trump would like us to know that, once again, he’s spotted a wolf

Trump asks us to trust him when he says he’s the real victim. America seems unlikely to do so.

Did Trump Jr. call the blocked number, or vice versa?

The evidence suggests Trump Jr. received the call during a critical time period.

Here’s how big a rock you’d have to drop into the ocean to see the rise in sea level happening now

Digging into Rep. Mo Brooks’s comments during a hearing on Wednesday.

Trump’s long history of referring to nonwhite criminals as ‘animals’

Wednesday’s mention wasn’t Trump’s first.

One thing, Rudy Giuliani: The Trump campaign *did* use it.

Trump actively embraced the material shared by WikiLeaks, and his staff was prepared to accept Russia’s help at that Trump Tower meeting.

Is Trump’s rhetoric about an informant in his campaign warranted?

A former FBI agent explains the nuances of using an informant in an investigation.

Trump has earned $59 million in three years running attractions for New York City

It includes two skating rinks, a carousel and a golf course.

The narrow line Trump is trying to walk on the Stormy Daniels payment

An expert assesses the gaps in the story.

What Paul Manafort’s Trump Tower notes mean

The notes are less cryptic than they appear.

It’s increasingly hard to believe that the Trump Tower meeting wasn’t common knowledge

New details strongly suggest that Trump Jr. was not the only person who knew what was being offered in that meeting.

The Ice Cube-Steve Bannon-Qatar allegations, explained

It’s a long, weird story that involves nearly every major character in the Russia saga so far.

The numbers behind Trump’s speech on law enforcement fatalities

A smaller proportion of police officers die in the line of duty than roofers or loggers.

Trump is using the threat of being separated from a child to fight illegal immigration

John Kelly describes that threat, aimed at cutting apprehensions at the border, as a ‚Äústrong deterrent.”

Trump has a new favorite poll (that shows half the country disapproves of him)

With Rasmussen numbers drooping, Trump embraces a new one from Gallup.

Trump wants to win Colorado and Minnesota in 2020. One is more likely than the other.

But there are significant hurdles to either.

Trump is starting to realize that Congress doesn’t like to stay in Washington very much

Not that this isn’t ironic for him to complain about.

Half of evangelicals support Israel because they believe it is important for fulfilling end-times prophecy

A tenth say it’s the most important reason they do so.