Donald Trump Declares The European Union A ‘Foe’

"In a trade sense, they’ve really taken advantage of us.”

John Bolton Grilled About White House Decision To Cancel His CNN Interview

The interview was scrapped after the White House claimed a CNN reporter "disrespected" the president by asking a question.

Rand Paul Says He’s ‘Concerned,’ ‘Worried’ About Brett Kavanaugh’s Privacy Views

The GOP senator said he's "undecided" about whether to back President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick.

Elon Musk A Major Donor To House Republican PAC, Filings Show

The billionaire Tesla and SpaceX CEO donated $38,900 to Protect the House last quarter.

Trump Says Putin Is ‘Probably’ Ruthless, But Defends Him Anyway

The president said in a U.K. interview he expects to "get along very well” with the Russian leader.

California Democratic Party Snubs Dianne Feinstein

Progressives backed the incumbent's challenger, Kevin de León, in November's Senate election.

Trump Insists ‘Many, Many Protests’ In The U.K. Were ‘In My Favor’

A few pro-Trump rallies were held to mark the president's visit, but they were dwarfed by massive anti-Trump gatherings.

Trumpism Is Thriving In Sweden By Carefully Ignoring Donald Trump

The Swedes, who heartily dislike the U.S. president, may soon give his anti-immigrant allies their best election result ever.

Trump Brought His Lies Over To Europe This Week

He denied his statements from an on-the-record interview and inflated numbers about U.S. spending on NATO.

U.S. National Intelligence Chief Sounds Chilling Alarm On Cyber Attacks

Dan Coats says danger signs now as serious as indications before 9/11.

A Mystery Congressional Candidate Asked Russian Intelligence For Dirt On Their Opponent

It’s unclear who the candidate was, and if they ever used the information.

Trump Responds To New Mueller Indictments

The president referenced the "deep state" conspiracy theory and pointed the finger at Obama.

U.S. Allies Worry Putin Will Sell Trump A Bill Of Goods On Syria

It's highly unlikely that the Russian leader can deliver on Trump's goal of removing the Iranian presence in Syria, two officials from allied countries told HuffPost.

Greenpeace Paragliding Protester Buzzes Trump At Turnberry

Teed off by the president.

Hudson’s Bay Company In Canada Dumping Ivanka Trump Products

Stores carrying Trump family  items have been a target of boycott campaign.

John McCain, Top Democrats Call On Trump To Cancel Putin Meeting

New indictments are evidence of an "extensive plot" by Russia to "attack the 2016 election," the Republican senator said.

Trump Says He Predicted Brexit From Scotland Before The Vote — But He Wasn’t There

The president didn't arrive at his Turnberry resort until a day after the vote.

Hundreds of Farmers Markets May Stop Accepting Food Stamps

An administrative screw-up could keep thousands of low-income Americans from buying healthy food with SNAP benefits.

New Hampshire Governor Signs Law That Voting Groups Call De-Facto Poll Tax

Voting rights advocates say the change will discourage college students and others from voting in New Hampshire.

Rudy Giuliani Claims New Mueller Indictments Absolve Trump In Laughable Tweet

Giuliani said the new charges prove the president is "completely innocent." Twitter disagrees.