A history of physical fitness in the Oval Office

Former presidents have traditionally shared the results of their physical exams, but there have also been health problems that presidents concealed from the public.

Supreme Court will look at Texas gerrymandering case, Internet sales tax

Justices also set to decide next week whether they’ll take up the Trump administration’s latest travel ban.

Supreme Court seems skeptical of blocking Ohio law that removes voters from rolls

In oral arguments, only the court’s three most liberal justices seemed convinced that Ohio’s procedure violates a federal law.

Supreme Court looks for simple rules in complicated cases involving government searches

The justices wrestled with privacy issues in two cases touching on the Fourth Amendment.

Trump on American history: ‘Mostly good, some not so good’

During a speech at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Annual Convention in Nashville on Jan. 8, President Trump said that “we must remember and honor our history.”

Supreme Court justices wade into Florida-Georgia water fight

At stake in the decades-long litigation is whether Atlanta and the farmers of southwestern Georgia are using too much of the water that should go to the Florida Panhandle.

Supreme Court cites juror’s racist comments in allowing Ga. death row inmate to appeal

Keith Tharpe can challenge his death sentence, justices say, after one of his jurors gives affidavit in which he questions whether black people have souls.