Supreme Court rules that companies can require workers to accept individual arbitration

The decision confirms that certain contracts can keep workers from pursuing class-action lawsuits in federal court.

Lawyer may not concede client’s guilt if defendant objects, Supreme Court rules

Convicted killer may get new trial under decision; justices also uphold privacy rights of drivers of rental cars, even if their names are not on the rental agreement.

States are free to authorize sports betting, Supreme Court rules

The ruling is likely to set off a scramble among the states to find a way into a billion-dollar business.

Solicitor general tells Supreme Court he misstated date of Trump’s comments on travel ban

Last week, Noel Francisco told the justices that the president made it “crystal clear” the measure was not aimed at excluding Muslims.

Supreme Court to weigh execution method that could cause inmate excruciating death

Justices to consider whether inmates must propose alternative to state’s preferred method.

Supreme Court considers whether states should have power to tax all online sales

Can states force retailers with a “virtual presence” to collect tax on sales?

Microsoft drops digital privacy case in light of congressional action

New law requires tech firms to produce emails even if they are stored abroad, rendering Supreme Court case moot

Even on second look, Supreme Court seems stumped on gerrymandering issue

There’s been no clear indication on whether there’s a way to find that politics so influences redistricting that rights are violated.

Supreme Court rule: (Other) justices shouldn’t conduct independent research

Sotomayor looked at the website of a party in a clinic case. Kennedy took exception.

Supreme Court gives Texas inmate chance to secure funds that could help him avoid death penalty

The justices said the lower courts were too restrictive in denying funds in one of two cases in which they sided with defendants.

Supreme Court questions California law requiring antiabortion centers to disclose that the state provides abortion services

Conservative justices indicate that it could violate free speech rights; liberal justices also question parts of the law.

Supreme Court to consider how fast government must act in detaining immigrants for deportation

Case could have implications for “sanctuary cities”; Justices also rejected death penalty lawsuit.

Supreme Court refuses to stop new congressional maps in Pennsylvania

The justices stayed out of the gerrymandering fight, to the advantage of Democrats in the state.

Is California protecting women or forcing clinics to promote abortion? Supreme Court to decide.

A law targets “fake” clinics that the state says trick women and put their health in danger, but these centers say the government can’t force them into speech they don’t believe.

Supreme Court says whistleblowers must alert government to get legal protections

Decision was one of four issued Wednesday as the justices begin to announce outcomes of cases they have heard this term

‘Making a Murderer’ subject asks for Supreme Court review

Brendan Dassey said his confession was coerced and violated rules for interrogating a minor.

Thomas dissents from Supreme Court decision not to review California gun law

Justice says his colleagues are turning the Second Amendment into a “disfavored right”

Supreme Court refuses to block Pa. ruling invalidating congressional map

Decision means 2018 elections in the state will probably be held in districts far more favorable to Democrats.

Opponents of gerrymandering keep winning, but it might not affect 2018

The court victories are on hold except in Pennsylvania, which is awaiting the Supreme Court.

A history of physical fitness in the Oval Office

Former presidents have traditionally shared the results of their physical exams, but there have also been health problems that presidents concealed from the public.