Democrats seize on failure of judicial pick to demand all of Supreme Court nominee’s documents

College articles sunk Trump’s nomination of Ryan Bounds for the powerful appellate court, prompting Democrats to use that as justification to press for all of Brett Kavanaugh’s writings.

Trump’s eagerness to get along with Putin was on display in Helsinki

Trump’s defense of Putin was the most striking example yet of his desire to embrace the Russian autocrat despite warnings he should be viewed as an adversary not a friend.

‘I hadn’t thought’ of asking Putin to extradite indicted Russian agents, Trump says

The president also tried to set expectations for his one-on-one meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in a new CBS interview.

Republicans plan to confirm Trump’s Supreme Court pick before the November elections

The president said he would select a nominee from a list he first released during the campaign to assuage the concerns of conservatives skeptical over he would pick for the court.

Trump demands more border wall money, calls for ending the filibuster

But he stops short of threatening a shutdown over the wall at a White House meeting, attendees say.

Q and A: Understanding the controversy over separating families at the border

President Trump and top administration officials have, at times, obfuscated the facts and sent contradicting messages on the practice of separating families that illegally enter the United States.

Trump will meet with House Republicans on Tuesday to discuss immigration

The meeting comes just days after the president said he wouldn’t sign a compromise bill and the White House said he would.

Trump: ‘I certainly wouldn’t sign’ House GOP immigration compromise

The comment deals blow to GOP leaders who have scrambled to strike an immigration deal.

Trump promise of end to U.S.-South Korea ‘war games’ creates confusion in Congress

Influential GOP senator says vice president told lawmakers military exercises would continue. Pence’s office disputed the assertion, forcing the senator to clarify.

Schumer seeks Obama’s help for Senate Democrats in midterm elections

The minority leader dismissed concerns about Sen. Robert Menendez’s lackluster primary performance in New Jersey.

Trump’s crackdown on migrant families plunges Washington deeper into immigration fight

House GOP rebels inched closer to their goal of forcing votes on immigration as two Democrats backed their effort. Republican leaders have tried to quell the uprising.

‘A tremendous abuse’: Senate Republicans warn Trump not to pardon himself

With claim of “absolute” power, the president once again forces members of his own party into an uncomfortable position.

Trump ties Republican midterm strategy to immigration, claims Mexico will pay for border wall

The president said he hopes Democrats focus on immigration because the issue is good for the GOP.

Trump is blaming Democrats for separating migrant families at the border. Here’s why this isn’t a surprise.

The president is blaming Democrats for a law that requires children to be separated from parents detained at the border. But no such law exists.

Trump falsely accuses the New York Times of making up a source. It was an official who briefed reporters.

The senior White House official cited by the Times spoke to dozens of reporters Thursday at the White House and on a conference call to brief them on Trump’s decision earlier that day to cancel his summit scheduled for June 12 in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Trump announces release of American Josh Holt from Venezuelan prison

The Mormom missionary had been held for two years on accusations of stockpiling weapons and grenades in public housing.

Trump warns against admitting unaccompanied migrant children: ‘They’re not innocent’

At an immigration roundtable, Trump said children arriving at the southern border are potential gang members.

Top Senate Republicans ask White House for entry into meeting on classified information

The Judiciary Committee chairman and two other senators want to be included in the meeting about a confidential FBI source who aided a probe of Trump campaign advisers.

‘We need Republicans’: Trump makes midterms appeal to social conservatives at anti-abortion gala

The president ramps up campaigner-in-chief persona to energize voters who will be vital in this fall’s elections.

As Senate plans war powers debate, one liberal Democrat seeks stronger constraints on White House

Congress wants to reclaim greater control over deciding on military action after ceding ground to the White House after 9/11.