The Finance 202: U.S. businesses worry Trump may strike bad deal with China

The president seems fixated on the trade deficit.

The Finance 202: Trump’s NAFTA pledge in danger as key deadline passes

He can still unilaterally leave the deal.

The Finance 202: Trump caved to China on ZTE. Now other countries are sensing weakness.

The repercussions seem to be rippling beyond the U.S.-China trade spat.

The Finance 202: Trump’s China reversal sparks bipartisan fears of a hasty deal

The president is on the defensive.

The Finance 202: Trump risks dealmaker rep with ZTE reversal

Is this the art of the deal?

The Finance 202: Trump is running out of time on NAFTA

But he may take unilateral action anyway.

The Finance 202: ‘Those people are getting paid:’ Cohen’s side work highlights how Trump allies are refilling swamp

Many are not registered lobbyists.

The Finance 202: Banking deregulation takes two leaps forward on Capitol Hill

A Dodd-Frank deal has been struck.

The Finance 202: Good news on the economy may not be a result of GOP tax cuts

The data are mixed.

The Finance 202: Even a limited trade war with China could really cost the U.S. economy

A new report from S&P Global Ratings highlights the urgency on both sides to reach a deal.

The Finance 202: Beijing trade talks conclude with no progress. Get ready for a long slog.

The two sides agreed to keep talking.

The Finance 202: Trump team faces long odds for trade breakthrough in Beijing

The president’s senior economic advisers arrived today.

The Finance 202: There’s no easy way out of Trump’s trade feud with Europe

The two sides are stuck in a staring contest over terms.

The Finance 202: Trump’s base is all about his tariffs on imports

Polling shows Republicans and non-college educated whites are behind the policy.

The Finance 202: Paul Ryan’s scary math legacy

Tax cuts, deficits and no entitlement reform.

The Finance 202: Trump buys Chinese line on tariffs

He thanks President Xi Jinping for his “kind words” on trade.

The Finance 202: Republicans are the drivers of skyrocketing deficit

CBO projects a $1 trillion deficit by 2020.

The Finance 202: Mixed messages on what Trump dubs ‘stupid trade’

Is it a trade war or simply negotiating tactics?

The Finance 202: Trump’s war on Amazon undermines his trade case against China

The mixed messages from Washington come as Beijing is sending a clear one.

The Finance 202: Saddle up for the midterm stock market slump. It begins now

The six-month stretch that kicked off Monday is the worst-performing period for stocks of any in the four-year presidential cycle.