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Turkey’s Torrid Love Affair With Michael Flynn

ISTANBUL—Were Michael Flynn a Turkish citizen, it’s very likely he would be sitting in prison right now, awaiting trial for terror crimes.

In July of 2016, before he briefly became Donald Trump’s national security adviser, the former general was giving a speech in Cleveland just as soldiers were taking over the bridges and airports of Istanbul. “There’s an ongoing coup going on in Turkey right now—right now!” Flynn told his audience. The Turkish military, he continued, was a secular institution, whereas the country was heading “toward Islamism” under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. His audience broke into applause; the event was hosted by a local branch of ACT for America, a national security group with strong Islamophobic tendencies. “Yeah,” Flynn said, “that is worth applauding.”

By morning, however, the coup had failed, and the Turkish government was busy detaining anyone it believed had supported the plotters. Continue reading “Turkey’s Torrid Love Affair With Michael Flynn”

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Recep Erdogan’s Arabian tightrope

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