Congress is about to loosen the reins on the banking industry. Here’s why.

Congress tightens regulations after a crisis — and loosens them again when the public is no longer watching.

‘Just pure frustration’: How months of inaction led 20 Republicans to take a stand on immigration

Centrist Republicans are on the verge of forcing a debate on legalizing dreamers that GOP leaders have long sought to sidestep.

Michael Flynn pleaded guilty. Now his supporters are trying to exonerate him.

The largely social-media-based effort has, at times, put Flynn’s advocates, and occasionally Flynn, at odds with his own legal team, which believes that any public attention to Flynn’s case is not helpful as he awaits sentencing.

Will toughness on Iran help Trump with North Korea? Here are three reasons to doubt it.

Leaders aren’t necessarily sending the signals they think they’re sending.

Democrats’ newest midterm pitch: A crackdown on corruption

With questions about pay-to-play politics swirling around the Trump administration, Democrats are set to unveil anticorruption proposals Monday billed as “A Better Deal for Our Democracy.”

RNC paid nearly half a million dollars to law firm representing Hope Hicks and others in Russia probes

The latest disclosure by RNC adds to the mounting legal fees associated with the Russia investigations.

Justice Department calls for inquiry after Trump demands probe into whether FBI ‘infiltrated or surveilled’ his campaign

The rapid move by the Justice Department comes as officials hope to avert a larger showdown over a confidential source.

Police video shows harrowing escapes from last year’s California wildfires

A daily roundup of news from across the nation.

Confusion and squabbling undermine Trump’s steps forward on the world stage

From North Korea nuclear negotiations to China trade talks, old habits of conflict and contradiction stymie the president’s reach for triumphs.

Michael Cohen payments put spotlight on New York investment firm linked to Russian billionaire

The head of Columbus Nova, which paid Trump’s personal lawyer $500,000 to bring in new investors, also contributed to Trump’s inaugural committee and the Republican National Committee.

Mnuchin says Trump putting trade war with China ‘on hold’

Mnuchin said the two sides have agreed on a “framework” to avoid sanctions.

Trump’s ZTE push could imperil $150 million for terrorism victims

Families see U.S. negotiations with Chinese telecom as a threat to an expected fine for violating U.S. sanctions.

Trump, South Korean leader commiserate over upcoming summit

The president sought Moon Jae-in’s interpretation of North Korea’s shift to a harder-line position on denuclearization.

Oliver North, incoming NRA chief, blames school shootings on ‘culture of violence’

“Taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens” won’t solve the problem, said the man best known for his role in the Iran-contra scandal.

‘World’s most expensive Witch Hunt’: Trump lashes out at NYT, Democrats

Trump fired off tweets in response to a report that campaign representatives met with an emissary from Persian Gulf nations in 2016.

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore on impeachment: ‘Just getting rid of Trump, what does that do?’

“Yes, Trump has to go but that shouldn’t be the main goal.”

HUD Secretary Ben Carson doubles down on dismantling Obama-era fair-housing policies

HUD announced that it is withdrawing a computer assessment tool that provides communities with demographic data and maps to help them gauge neighborhood segregation.

China agrees to buy ‘significantly’ more from the U.S., but doesn’t commit to specific amount

The two sides release a joint statement Saturday as the nations work to defuse a brewing trade war.

The Trump administration meets ‘The Sopranos’ in SNL’s cold open

The sketch focused on the recent one-year anniversary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

It’s the 50th anniversary of the day Trump left college and (briefly) faced the draft

Trump accepted his bachelor’s degree and departed Pennsylvania for New York, and found new reasons he couldn’t go to war, and went about building his business empire unimpeded by drafts or classes for the rest of his days.