DOJ steps into Redskins trademark name fight

The battle over the Redskins name has further extended into the federal government.

Romney says he’s considering a 2016 run

“Everybody in here can go tell your friends that I’m considering a run,” he says.

Christie met with feds on Bridgegate

The governor, accompanied by his attorney, agreed to the sit down voluntarily, ABC News reports.

Federal price tag for Obama’s ‘free college’ proposal: $60 billion

The White House deputy press secretary says the proposal generated “intense” interest.

Obama tells France: The U.S. stands with you

The world has been reminded that terrorists have “nothing to offer but hatred and human suffering,” Obama said.

House Republicans file $39.7 billion DHS bill

It promises new resources and flexibility for a sprawling department.

Reid’s return to the Senate after injury still on hold

He has suffered broken ribs and bones in his face as well as a concussion.

Pelosi announcing appointments to policy committees

The panel assignments will serve to put younger, more newly elected Democrats.

House GOP expands attacks on Obama’s immigration actions

Its proposal reaches back to the 2012 directive that shielded young undocumented immigrants from deportation.

The Time of the Assassins

The Arab world has no counterforce to the murderers in our midst.

Rep. Castro: Don’t block immigration action funding

He urges members to fund the Department of Homeland Security without affecting Obama’s executive orders.

House votes to fast-track Keystone XL pipeline

The move places the project back on the path toward President Barack Obama’s desk.

Does Obama deserve credit for the economy?

Yes, say economists, but not as much as he’s taking.

December report: More jobs, lower wages

The economy added 252,000 jobs in December, the Labor department reports.

Steyer considering run for Boxer’s seat

The climate activist billionaire has raised his public profile through tens of millions of dollars in campaign spending, while becoming a punching bag for the right.

‘No way’ to beat Boehner

“The votes are not there against Boehner,” Rep. Raul Labrador wrote.

How not to oust a speaker

House conservatives spent almost a year pondering a challenge to John Boehner but couldn’t deliver.

Is Mitch McConnell right about the economy?

Does the Republican Congress deserve any credit, even though it just got here?

All eyes on Newsom, Harris for Boxer seat

But it’s unlikely that both Democrats jump in against each other.

O’Malley, eyeing 2016, admits progressives’ setbacks

He acknowledges Democrats’ disastrous showing in the midterms caused him to question the direction of the progressive movement.