‘I’ll drop your a–,’ Republican tells immigration protester

Rep. Stephen Knight threatened to fight a protester who touched his shoulder.

Supreme Court: Cops can’t hold suspects to wait for drug-sniffing dog

It’s against the law to hold a suspect for even a few extra minutes, the Supreme Court ruled.

Republicans scrutinized for AR-15 photo

Police in Washington, D.C., have been referred materials for a possible investigation.

Senate reaches deal to vote on AG nominee Loretta Lynch

McConnell says vote on Lynch will come “in the next day or so.”

Google will let you see everything you’ve ever searched

The average Web user can get a slice of Google’s file. 

Storm gathers around Clinton finances

The new scrutiny is worrying some Democrats as she begins her 2016 campaign.

McCain mocks Cruz over guns on bases claim

Cruz reportedly has been “pressing” for hearings, which is news to the committee’s chairman.