Flat tax makes 2016 comeback

Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have both floated an across-the-board tax rate.

New ISIS video shows mass murder of Ethiopian Christians

VIDEO | A propaganda video appears to show the killing of two groups.

Sanders doubts Clinton, GOP field will fight big money

“I think there is a lot of discontent from ordinary people,” the senator said.

Graham: ‘Snowball’s chance in Hell’ Congress approves Iran deal

“President Obama’s deal is deteriorating before our eyes,” he said.

Clinton supporter: Benghazi probe a ‘political exercise’

McCaskill also said Democrats are not challenging Clinton because of her qualifications.

The GOP’s Daddy issues

Several Republican hopefuls need to contend with fathers who bring political complications.

Jindal ‘tired of the hyphenated Americans’

“We used to be proud to call America the great melting pot,” Jindal said in New Hampshire.

Fiorina: Government ‘destroying more businesses’ than it’s creating

“The heroes of the American economy are small businesses and family-owned businesses.”

Paul: Clinton needs one campaign plane just ‘for her baggage’

The Kentucky Republican said Hillary could face a serious primary challenge.

Republican Congress moves into deal-making mode

What ever happened to the do-nothing Congress?

Iranian ship convoy moves toward Yemen, alarming US officials

U.S. officials are concerned about a confrontation with Saudi Arabia.

DNC planning primary debates for Hillary

Wasserman Schultz said officials were mapping out a “series of sanctioned debates.”

Bernie Sanders urges Hillary to fight trade deal

The senator said it’s his “strong hope” that Clinton will side against Obama.

Steve King: Obama ‘importing millions’ of illegal immigrants to boost Dem vote

The GOP lawmaker said Obama was “trying to stack the electorate with millions of people.”

Russia offers warning for US paratroopers

Russian spokesman says the paratroopers could destabilize Ukraine.

McConnell plays hardball

His maneuvers on Lynch shed light on how he will lead the upper chamber in this Congress.

The politics of tipping

Do you tip at fast food restaurants?

Obama immigration orders face major test in federal court

A federal appeals court will consider lifting an order blocking Obama’s actions.

GOP files bill to privatize air traffic control

The House measure would create a private corporation that would take over air traffic control.

House votes to repeal estate tax

Democrats charged the effort shows the GOP is in the pockets of the rich.