Breaking down single-payer health care

With support growing for universal health coverage, just what does “single-payer” mean? Here’s a deep-dive into what a single-payer health-care system would look like, and the arguments for and against it.

Mining safety agency proposes relaxing inspection rule for hard rock mines

Industry hails greater flexibility, while union officials warn it could jeopardize worker safety.

Short Takes: Kids Try to Identify Politicians

We showed kids pictures of politicians and they did their best to identify them. Then Michael came along…

Kushner’s White House role ‘crushed’ efforts to woo investors for NYC tower

A Fifth Avenue office building is more than quarter empty and losing money, and a $1.2 billion loan is due in 2019.

Trump’s oldest supporters hope he’ll make America great again economically

Despite the president’s promises, many older voters aren’t doing so well in his economy.

White House says Jemele Hill calling Trump a racist is a ‘fireable offense.’ Trump once called Obama a racist.

The White House’s double standard on character assassination.

Sen. Tim Scott, White House offer conflicting accounts of private talk about Charlottesville

Scott said afterward that he reaffirmed his belief that Trump’s response to the deadly white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville last month was not satisfactory. Trump’s top spokeswoman offered a different account.