NRCC cancels ad reservations in four districts

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* The National Republican Congressional Committee has canceled ad reservations in four districts, according to a GOP ad buyer. The NRCC has canceled the remainder of its buys in districts held by Reps. Scott Rigell (R-Va.) and Reid Ribble (R-Wis.), both of whom are favored to win reelection. The committee has also pulled reservations in two districts in Iowa — the 3rd, where Reps. Leonard Boswell (D) and Tom Latham (R) face one another, and in the 4th, where Rep. Steve King (R) faces former Iowa first lady Christie Vilsack. Both races are competitive but also have gotten significant investments from the Congressional Leadership Fund, another Republican outside group. The NRCC has not yet canceled its reservation for the final week in King’s district.

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* The jobs numbers came out.

* Jack Welch wasn’t convinced

* Only one president has actually tried to manipulate the BLS.

* A Romney mega-donor is thrilled by his moderate turn.

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Next week’s New Yorker cover, ”One on One” by artist Barry Blitt.

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An October surprise: When the candidates agree

In heated elections like this one, there is a tendency in the United States to characterize the arguments between the two candidates as much more momentous — world-historical, even — than they actually are.

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Poultry seller not thrilled by Obama stop

President Obama wasn’t greeted with enthusiasm Friday by every stand in Cleveland’s West Side Market.

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Jack Welch: ‘I have no evidence of corruption’

In an interview with MSNBC on Friday afternoon, former General Electric CEO Jack Welch admitted that he had “no evidence” to back up his claim that the Obama administration manipulated September’s jobs report. 

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Why a President Romney would have Obama to thank for an economic recovery

Cast your mind forward to October 2014. The economic rebound for which Barack Obama had worked so hard and hoped so long is finally underway: Growth is humming, unemployment is steadily dropping, and the stock market is hitting one record high after another. But unfortunately for Obama, he’s not in the White House anymore — and President Mitt Romney is the man whose approval ratings are being carried aloft by the Dow.

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