CNN: Trump, Kelly furious after leak that Trump was not to congratulate Putin

President Trump and his chief of staff John Kelly are reportedly furious that details of the president’s national security briefing materials telling him not to congratulate Russian President Vladimir Putin were leaked to…

The Daily 202: Illinois primary results show angry bases in both parties demanding more purity

GOP governor and Dem congressman both barely fend off challenges.

The Health 202: Abortion foes pleased with Supreme Court hearing in California case

Even the moderate to liberal SCOTUS justices were skeptical.

Trump’s proposal to execute drug dealers has some fearing people of color will be harmed most

“His response to a whole host of policy challenges have been extremely regressive,” said Rep. Yvette D. Clarke (D-N.Y.).

A bright spot for Republicans among millennials: Young white men

Millennials overall a much more likely to identify as Democrats.

The Energy 202: Rick Perry has a plan for Russia’s grid attacks. Some lawmakers worry it’s not enough

The Energy Department is creating a new office to handle digital threats to the grid.

Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan To Make Health Care Coverage Cheaper And More Reliable

The Massachusetts senator’s new bill would increase consumer subsidies and force insurers to accept tougher rules.