Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: When Trump gets back from his fantasy vacation…

Al Cross/Courier-Journal:

But McConnell and Republicans are about to get jammed between the interests of their base and the interests of persuadable voters, and of the national interest. The president appears to be losing his non-Republican base.

A Monmouth University poll found that Trump’s support in the 300 counties he carried by single digits is only 34 percent, down from 41 percent in March. The Russia bombshell hit during the polling period, and it had an impact; afterward, a majority in those counties said Trump’s attitude toward Russia is a national-security risk.

A Quinnipiac University poll May 4-9 showed that 54 percent of Americans want Democrats to control the House, and only 38 percent want Republican control, the largest margin ever in that poll.

In results that could be reflected in Kentucky, the poll showed Trump’s support among whites without college degrees, perhaps the most important part of his

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Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: The world won’t wait


God bless Manchester and God bless us all. 



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Other news and punditry below the fold.

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Translating the energy into votes

Jonathan Martin/NY Times:

The contrast between what Democrats in Washington are consumed by and what their candidates are running on illustrates an emerging challenge for the party as the president becomes ever more engulfed in controversy: For all the misfortunes facing their foe in the White House, Democrats have yet to devise a coherent message on the policies that President Trump used to draw working-class voters to his campaign.

And at least for now, the voters whom Democrats need to win back are more focused on their own troubles than those of the president.

After a campaign in which they learned the hard way that an anti-Trump message was insufficient, Democrats are again grappling with how to balance responding to Mr. Trump’s apparent transgressions and devising an affirmative policy agenda of their own.

Paul Kane/WaPo:

For Democrats, special elections may be preview of 2018 campaigns

Democrats are heading

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Abbreviated Pundit Round-up

Donald Trump has achieved a real paradigm shift in America. He’s performed on such an exemplary level that some statements have simply disappeared from the nation’s vocabulary. Vanished. Statement’s such as “well, it can’t get any worse” and even the concept of a “bad week” seem ever so quaint. No one in America can fill in the blank on a sentence starting with “I’m sure Trump will do better next …”

Because Trump doesn’t just keep digging when he’s in a hole. He brings an excavator. And dynamite.

In the second week of his regime, Trump called a 13-year veteran of the federal bench a “so-called judge” for ruling against the first version of his Muslim ban. That seems bad. But is it really “Telling the Russian ambassador that you fired that ‘nut job’ of an FBI director and boy that should take some pressure off that whole investigation about me and

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Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: A Chaotic week for Trump and more to come


For any president, one of these headlines would be very bad news. For President Trump, they all came in a span of 12 hours:

It was a dizzying Wednesday night for political reporters and followers alike, with a bevy of new information being thrown at them on multiple fronts. And it continued into early Thursday morning with that last headline, from

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Abbreviated pundit roundup: Trump begins first foreign trip under cloud of scandal and chaos

We begin today’s roundup with Paul Waldman at The Week and his analysis of Donald Trump’s first overseas trip:

[I]t isn’t hard to imagine that things won’t go smoothly — an errant remark that offends his hosts, angry protests against him, or who knows what else. Perhaps the most fraught part of the trip is a speech Trump is scheduled to give in Riyadh, in which he will address the world’s Muslims with a discussion of Islam. What could possibly go wrong?

For starters, the speech is being written by Stephen Miller, the former Jeff Sessions aide who has a broad policy portfolio in the White House. Among other things, Miller helped author the administration’s ban on travel from several Muslim countries, and is seen as a partner with Stephen Bannon in a long-term project to limit immigration and push back on non-European cultural influences. Miller is hardly alone on

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Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Impeachment talk is in the air, amidst the constant Chaos

As awful as the intel/Comey/Russia story is, at this stage the messaging should be about health care. Or at least not ignore health care. Health care affects every voter. But the ground is changing daily, and obstruction of justice breaks through the partisan bubble in a way Russia ties have not yet.


Health Care Puts House in Play

PPP’s new national poll finds that Republicans are facing significant backlash over the health care bill that’s having the effect of firing up Democrats and putting them in position to make major gains in the House next year.

Democrats now have a 49-38 lead overall on the generic Congressional ballot, up from 47-41 a month ago. Even more notable though is that among voters who say they’re ‘very excited’ to turn out in the 2018 election, the Democratic lead balloons to 27 points at 61-34. The outcome of lower turnout

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