Cartoon: The Choice is Yours

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Cartoon: A closer look at golf cart one

Our lazy President couldn’t walk a few hundred yards with the other heads of state at the G7 summit and opted to take a golf cart instead.

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Cartoon: Women only

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Cartoon: Pick your health care plan

The Affordable Care Act is a vast improvement over what came before, but it’s just a step towards single-payer and ending the parasitic health insurance racket.

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Cartoon: Washington witch hunt

The persecutors of the Salem Witch Trials used more science that this administration.

Cartoon: Roger Ailes

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Cartoon: James Comey’s future career plans

James Comey’s firing is another sign of an unhinged administration, but let’s not gloss over the fact that Comey’s tenure at the F.B.I. was pretty unhinged itself.

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Cartoon: What do you see?

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Cartoon: Bad bleacher behavior

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Cartoon: Steve Mnuchin sings supply-side’s greatest hits

Unlike climate change, trickle-down economics is not backed up by the facts, which is probably why Trump and all Republicans embrace it.

Cartoon: Fyre Festival

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Cartoon: Celebrate President Trump’s first 100 days

The first 100 days milestone is largely arbitrary, but Trump made a big deal about it during the campaign. Now he’s downplaying it since it’s been such a disaster. 100 days is a blip in time when you realize Neil Gorsuch will be on the Supreme Court for probably the next thirty or forty years.

Cartoon: The customer compliance cops

We heard all about United Airlines roughing up a passenger who refused to “volunteer” the seat he paid for, but the goons who did it were security and Chicago Police.

The line between privatized security and police forces is becoming increasingly thin, and corporations are now putting arbitration clauses in their contracts and user agreements to get around the justice system.

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Cartoon: Jury pools

Cartoon: Mitch McConnell rewrites the rules

After denying Merrick Garland’s appointment to the Supreme Court for nearly a year, Mitch McConnell blew up the rulebook to put Neil Gorsuch into dead Scalia’s seat. If they ever regain power, the Democrats would be wise to use the same tactics to shut out Republicans, instead of pining for the “Days of Decorum” that only existed in pundits’ fever dreams.

Cartoon: Team Trump trading cards

President Trump wouldn’t throw out the first pitch at the Nationals’ home opener. The White House claimed there was a scheduling conflict, but we all know it was to avoid an embarrassing thunder of boos.

It’s tempting to assume our stair-phobic president can’t throw a pitch over the plate, but he apparently did that at a Jimmy Fund fundraiser at my beloved Fenway Park. Whether he actually donated anything to the Jimmy Fund is up to David Farenthold to find out.

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Cartoon: Liquor Store

Cartoon: Naptime for diplomacy

Rex Tillerson doesn’t like his job , and it’s the only relatable thing about the rich former Exxon executive. He’s already missed events  due to “fatigue” after less than two months on the job.

An hour before I finished this, it was announced that he’d attend the NATO meeting after all , but only after a week of people criticizing “low-energy” Rex.

Cartoon: House!!

Cartoon: Inside the White House writers’ room

The second version of the White House’s unconstitutional immigration ban was struck down on Thursday. Public comments admitting the discriminatory intent of the executive order made by Rudy Giuliani and Trump adviser Stephen Miller helped strike it down.

Good job, guys!