Romney loves teachers…

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Billy Dare must get that McGuffin

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Understanding the undecided

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Lunchtime liaisons

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My cartoon deadline was before last night’s debate, but my general opinion is that Obama cleaned Romney’s Rolex.

October being Anti-Bullying Month, this comic is about a program created by the Southern Poverty Law Center called “Mix It Up at Lunch Day.” The American Family Association objects to the program on the grounds that — according to them — it’s actually about promoting the “homosexual lifestyle” in public schools. Sometimes these people make it easy for me.

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G.O.P. diversity

Bean rights

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Republicans unite!

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Muppet Mitt arrives on Sesame Street

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Debate improvements

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The Avenging Uterus

The Avenging Uterus has appeared before in comics on Daily Kos. Now she’s schooling lady-hating legislators in her first animated adventure.

Mr. Obama’s wild ride

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I had a hard time sitting through that debate last week. Rising above the fray through aloof non-engagement does not work when you’re being pelted with dung on live national television. It took me back to the frustrating days of not so long ago, when an overabundance of caution and unwillingness to use the bully pulpit proved disastrous. I thought the stronger rhetoric of the campaign season meant that somebody had finally learned that lesson, but apparently not.

On a different note, I wanted to share a poster I’ve designed for the National Women’s Law Center, which you can view on Facebook or on their website, where you can also download a printable PDF.

Poverty workshop

Romney takes down Sesame Street

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The Plutocrat attacks!

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In search of the Afghanistan war

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The universal laws of ladies in science

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Inside Higher Ed has more on the Yale study:

Female scientists were as likely as male scientists to evaluate the students this way. For instance, the scientists were asked to rate the students’ competence on a 5-point scale. Male faculty rated the male student 4.01 and the female student 3.33. Female scientists rated the male student 4.10 and the female student 3.32.

Even I still catch myself thinking of a stereotypical doctor as a guy with a stethoscope, despite the fact that I’ve had female doctors for my entire adult life. It’s harder to get rid of these biases than we think.

The statistic about the decline of women studying computer science is taken from this NY Times op-ed by Stephanie Coontz.

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Going down

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