How Obama has changed since ’08

President Obama’s description late in the debate of his governing philosophy demonstrated how much his outlook has changed since taking office in 2009.

Like Mitt Romney tonight, Obama four years ago promised to spend time sitting down with the opposition party, to work through differences and strike common-sense compromises. Many at the time called Obama naive – yet tonight it was Obama essentially assigning that label to Romney.

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Why Hispanic voter turnout isn’t higher, in two charts

The rapid growth of the country’s Hispanic population has added millions of voters in recent years. But new data from the Pew Hispanic Center show that Latinos are responsible for a smaller portion of the electorate than many might expect. 

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Everything you need to know about the Pennsylvania voter ID fight

Voter ID is an increasingly contentious issue in the 2012 election, and nowhere is that more the case than in Pennsylvania.

A lower court on Tuesday halted implementation of the law for November’s election, raising concerns that it might disenfranchise legal voters. If the law is not enforced, whatever chance Mitt Romney had of carrying the state would likely be jeopardized. It could also hurt downballot Republicans.

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