Cruz: Obama has ‘absolutely been abusing his power’

The Tea Party senator said the president has forced his agenda on the American people.

White House struggles to defend Obama healthcare claim

Obama said people could keep their old health plans, but insurers have dropped some options.

Sen. McCain questions TSA on treatment of disabled airline passengers

The Arizona senator asked the agency to explain searches of disabled passengers at the Phoenix airport

Lee: GOP outrage is not an agenda

The Utah Republican used the shaky rollout of ObamaCare to justify his failed effort to defund the law this month. 

Immigration lobby targets House GOP

Business leaders on Tuesday helped mobilize an army of advocates to pressure House Republicans into taking action.

Hoyer: Dems knew some patients would lose insurance plans under ObamaCare

The House minority whip acknowledged Democrats could have better articulated the law’s requirements

Coburn wants to meet privately with Reid

Sen. Coburn will meet privately with Sen. Reid after he reportedly called the leader an “a–hole.”