Airports intervene in merger fight

The airports argue Justice should allow U.S. Airways and American Airlines to merge.

Republican lawmaker predicts GOP surge in support for immigration reform

The first House Republican to sign on to a comprehensive immigration bill says others will join him shortly.

Feinstein vows ‘total review’ of NSA

The Intelligence chairwoman blasted the National Security Agency for spying on world leaders.

Hackers target Obama’s Twitter account

Links posted on the account redirected users to a propaganda video about the Syrian war.

Carney: Obama has ‘full confidence’ in NSA director, staff

The White House on Monday defended the National Security Agency amid a firestorm of fresh criticism from world leaders. 

Reid plans action on gay rights bill

The Senate leader said he’ll bring up legislation that would create new workplace protections for gay and transgendered people.

Obama to counter-program Sebelius testimony with Boston healthcare event

The president’s event will come on the same day HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is slated to appear before a House panel. 

McCain: Clinton formidable in 2016

Sen. John McCain said Monday that Hillary Clinton would be a formidable candidate for president if she runs in 2016. 

Graham threatens to block all nominations over Benghazi survivors

More than two dozen Americans who survived the attack have not been seen or heard from in public since.

Homeland Security chairman demands more Benghazi information after report

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul (R-Texas) is demanding that Secretary of State John Kerry provide further answers.

Juan Williams: GOP is deluding itself on spending

OPINION | Sen. Bernie Sanders offers an “Emperor Has No Clothes” view of Washington’s current budget talks.

Pelosi hints she might endorse Clinton

The California Democrat left open the possibility of backing the former secretary of State in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

Pelosi: We can win

In an exclusive interview with The Hill, Pelosi is more confident than before that Democrats can retake the House.

Pelosi: Redskins should change name

The House minority leader is the latest politician, joining President Obama and others, who has embraced a name change. ‘down’ amid changes

HHS said the application and enrollment system was down due to an outage at the company that hosts the site.

Sebelius on the spot as ObamaCare struggles continue

Republicans on the Sunday political shows repeatedly singled out the secretary and called for her resignation over the disastrous rollout of 

Shift on Syria angers Saudi Arabia, muddying Obama’s Mideast plans

Saudi Arabia’s ire at the United States risks complicating President Obama’s second-term agenda across the Middle East.

DOD considers delay in 9/11 tribunal

GUANTÁNAMO BAY, Cuba — The military trial of the accused 9/11 co-conspirators likely will not begin until early 2015.

Obama in no mood to talk ObamaCare

“C’mon guys. I’m going to church,” Obama reportedly said when asked about the law’s troubled enrollment website. 

Cheney: Enzi lied about our relationship

“Mike also said he and I are fishing buddies, which is simply not true. Never happened,” Cheney said