Jindal slams Washington dysfunction

“The only place you see conservative principles being applied today are in state and local governments,” he said.

Jindal: ‘I don’t know’ about 2016

Jindal slammed the rocky rollout of ObamaCare’s enrollment site as “symptomatic of a bigger problem” with Democrats’ philosophy of government. 

Amid eye-popping fines on banks, calls grow for charges on executives

“Banks don’t break laws, people do,” said Dennis Kelleher, president and CEO of the reform advocacy group Better Markets.

Profits complicate defense contractors’ case against sequester

Cuts aren’t hitting defense contractors’ bottom lines, making their case for ending the sequester a tougher sell.

Nation headed over ‘food stamp cliff’

Millions of people are in for a shock at the end of the week when their benefits will be cut.

Iowa’s Steve King: We’re not done ‘beating on’ ObamaCare

We nearly killed ObamaCare,” King said, “it’s not dead yet.”

Cruz calls for ‘grassroots army’ to trample ObamaCare

The Tea Party senator unveiled another plan to bring down the healthcare law.

ObamaCare gives vulnerable incumbent Democrats the jitters

Five vulnerable incumbent Democratic senators signed a letter asking the HHS secretary to extend the ObamaCare enrollment period.

Fed board vacancies to topple workload

The Federal Reserve’s weighty agenda could get heavier next year if the board’s expected vacancies go unfilled for too long.

Hillary Clinton urges ‘comprehensive discussion’ about NSA surveillance

“We have to make sure we’re not going too far,” the former secretary of State said.

White House faces tall order in fixing ObamaCare site

One expert says fixing a site once it’s online is like repairing a car going 50 miles per hour.

Upton on ObamaCare website: GOP concerns beyond ‘glitches’

“We are also concerned about what happens next,” the House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman said.

Report: US to consider no-spy deal with allies upset over surveillance

The Obama Administration spent much of the week looking to quell concerns voiced by European leaders over alleged widespread spying.

House Republicans at odds over revenue issue in budget talks

Rep. Cole says new revenues should be part of negotiations, while Rep. Ryan says no.

JPMorgan to pay feds $5 billion

The bank will pay billions to federal housing giants over false statements it made during the housing bubble.

First lady pins blame on Congress for ‘legislative defeats’

Michelle Obama blamed Congress for the administration’s legislative defeats.

Obama calls Dem budget chiefs

Obama called Democratic lawmakers in both chambers ahead of next week’s budget conference

Sebelius: ‘Don’t believe what you’ve heard’

“Don’t believe what you’ve heard. Just check it out, look at the prices, look at the plans,” says Sebelius.

HHS sets deadline of Nov. 30 for fixing ObamaCare enrollment site

“There is a lot of work to do, but HealthCare.gov is fixable,” said Jeff Zients, who is overseeing the repairs.

Dem: Obama should consider stopping all deportations of illegal immigrants

Rep. Luis Gutierrez said the president has a responsibility to act if Congress fails to pass immigration reform.