Ad Watch: Challenger attacks Allen West on Iraq interrogation

Patrick Murphy, “2003″

What it says: ”West was criminally charged with violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice, found guilty of three counts of aggravated assault and relieved of his command.”

What it means: This south Florida House race is quickly becoming one of the nastiest in the country. This ad is a clear response to Rep. Allen West’s recent ad, which points out that the Florida Republican was shipping off to Iraq while Democrat Patrick Murphy was a drunk college kid. Murphy’s ad even starts with a clip from West’s spot, quickly covered up by an attack on the congressman’s military record.

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Paul Ryan won’t say whether he’d close carried interest loophole

GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan declined to say Tuesday whether he and his running mate, Mitt Romney, would seek to close the “carried interest loophole,” the tax code provision that allows some private-equity executives to pay a lower rate on their earnings.

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Ad watch: GOP super PAC makes biggest ad buy yet

American Crossroads, “Actually Happened”

What it says: “Obama’s spending drove us $5 trillion deeper in debt, and now we have fewer jobs than when he started.”

What it means: Mitt Romney has more outside money on his side, but President Obama still leads in polls. American Crossroads is trying to change that with its largest ad buy yet, part of a synchronized economic message. The super PAC is spending $12 million for the presidential campaign along with a $4 million Senate ad buy from sister group Crossroads GPS. 

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