Ann Romney: If Mitt loses, we’re done with politics

Appearing on ABC’s “The View” on Thursday, Ann Romney said that should he lose, this campaign would be her husband’s last.

“Absolutely, he will not run again,” she told the hosts when asked whether losing to President Obama this fall would end Mitt Romney’s political career. “Nor will I.” 

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Why Senate debates matter — and our latest rankings!

Senate candidates are debating one another with increasing frequency as Election Day nears, giving voters more chances to compare their options alongside one another. While the debates have proven unique opportunities for candidates to pitch their politics, policies, and personalities, the set-tos haven’t dramatically shifted momentum to one side or the other. 

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White House defends the Biden smile

The White House is defending Joe for being Joe.

Vice President Biden’s constant smiling and laughing during most of Thursday’s debate against Rep. Paul Ryan wasn’t a sign of disrespect or arrogance, according to White House press secretary Jay Carney.

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Virginia Senate debate: George Allen, Tim Kaine face off in Richmond

RICHMOND — In their second televised debate Monday night, former governors George Allen and Timothy M. Kaine clashed over health care, women’s issues and Social Security as they sought to contrast how each would represent Virginia in the U.S. Senate.

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Is Obama overrated as a candidate?

In his closing remarks at the first debate in Denver last week, President Obama uttered the following sentence: “Four years ago, I said that I’m not a perfect man and I wouldn’t be a perfect president.”

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