Cambridge Police Union: Put Prof. Gates on trial

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Whatever you think about Prof. Gates’ ‘house arrest,’ this is absurd:

Here’s a good run-down of what happened to Professor Gates. Whether or not race was a factor, how could anyone seriously defend the police officer’s actions? Both the city and the officer have “regretted” the arrest:

What is clear is that the city of Cambridge has called the arrest “regrettable and unfortunate,” and said that dropping the charges was “in the interests of justice.” Crowley himself now says that he “regrets that I put the police department and the city in the position where they have to defend something like this.” So if Crowley wasn’t stupid, then what, exactly, does he regret?

Nonetheless, conservatives are pushing this in an effort to gain political advantage at the expense of exacerbating racial tensions. Worse, on a policy level, they are going to the mat for the right of police officers to arrest you in your own home if you act like a dick. Especially if they don’t like the way you look.

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