Morning Digest: Tea partier Joe Walsh may seek a comeback at Randy Hultgren’s expense

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Former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh

Former Illinois GOP Rep. Joe Walsh

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IL-14, Sen: Oh Joe Walsh, don’t get our hopes up again. The former tea partying congressman has been publicly considering a longshot primary bid against Sen. Mark Kirk, but GOP sources tell the Daily Herald‘s Kerry Lester that Walsh is considering challenging Republican Rep. Randy Hultgren instead. The two almost came into conflict in 2012 after they were thrown into the same safely-red House seat, but national Republicans convinced Walsh to seek re-election in the Democratic leaning 8th District instead. The NRCC pledged to send millions of dollars to help Walsh if he took one for the team, but it didn’t stop him from losing to Tammy Duckworth 55-45.

Hultgren is one of the many bland but usually dependable conservatives in the House GOP caucus, and it would be fun to watch him try and fend off the

Walsh. Of course, who knows how serious Walsh actually is about this. Many people have speculated that Walsh’s flirtations are really just his way of getting some attention for his radio show. But Walsh is an unpredictable enough guy that we can still hold out hope that he’ll go after either Kirk or Hultgren.

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