Morning Digest: RGA boot camp weigh-in: Matt Bevin almost misses his own fundraiser

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Kentucky Republican gubernatorial nominee Matt Bevin

Matt Bevin has better things to do than show up at his stupid fundraiser

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KY-Gov: Here’s how the RGA’s plan to whip Matt Bevin’s campaign into shape is going: He showed up an hour late to a fundraiser that Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, as well as Kentucky’s entire GOP House delegation, hosted for him last week—just as guests were preparing to leave. And according to Politico’s Kevin Robillard, the RGA has no plans to go back on the air for Bevin unless he contributes more of his own money to his cause. He’s not, though, since Democrats are set to spend $1 million more than the GOP this week.

Bevin does have a new ad out, this one featuring his wife. Glenna Bevin declares that Democratic ads attacking her husband are “misleading” and “false,” without any elaboration—we’re simply supposed to take her

for it.

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