McConnell’s big fat gift to David Vitter’s floundering gubernatorial bid

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Senator David Vitter (R-LA) leaves the Senate floor on Capitol Hill in Washington May 7, 2015. The U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to pass a bill giving Congress the right to review, and potentially reject, an international nuclear agreement

Sen. David Vitter, the noted philanderer, has an itty bitty image problem that’s become a real drag on his bid to become Louisiana’s next governor, reports the Washington Post:

The latest Louisiana State University poll finds he’s viewed favorably by 30 percent of voters and unfavorably by 41 percent. […] Now, even one-in-three Republicans have negative feelings about their senior senator.

So GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is giving Vitter the gift of a show vote on his pet bill that aims to defund sanctuary cities, places where city officials decline to fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities so immigrants won’t be afraid of local law enforcement. Vitter’s bill and others like it are a terrible idea, as this New York Times editorial fully explained over the weekend:

The laws are a class-action slander against an immigrant population that has been scapegoated for the crimes of a

and left stranded by the failure of legislative reform that would open a path for them to live fully within the law. And because crackdowns on sanctuary cities seek to thwart sound law-enforcement policies and the integration of immigrants, they are an invitation to more crime and mayhem, not less.

Perhaps, that’s why even Senate Republicans haven’t been able to rally around the legislation. But McConnell is giving Vitter a gift anyway by taking three separate bills, combining them into one, and bypassing the committee to push through a vote that’s doomed—both because Democrats will filibuster it and the White House has promised a veto.
Minority Leader Harry Reid slammed McConnell Monday for the show vote, saying the “vile legislation” should be called the Donald Trump Act.

“This Donald Trump Act was designed to demonize immigrants and spread the myth that they are criminals and threats to the public.”

Apparently, the Senate doesn’t have better things to do—like raise the debt ceiling or find a way to avert a government shutdown in a couple months.

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