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We’re without both Joan and Greg this morning. (Greg, because of work. Joan, because of vacation!)
But luckily we’re not without great material for another show. Probably a good 10 shows’ worth or so, maybe more, the truth be known. Anyway, if we don’t get carried away by the news, or by some dumb Twitter hashtag that’s too crazy to pass up, maybe we can get into some of those wacky, quasi-political pieces that make us question the very foundations of our political system, and are otherwise icky and creep us out.

Oh, and after double-checking with Snopes, it turns out that the real “Back to the Future Day” is actually here, at last!

That sounded a lot more exciting in my head, before I typed it out.

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There’s a new movie out soon, and folks up north are up to something, but we have an election the November after next so there is lots for David Waldman to tackle today: Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party wins big in the Canada elections. Trolls ride the wave of Star Wars fervor, creating a trend on Twitter, mostly of people telling them to shut up. Greg Dworkin calls in with new polling analysis: Hillary Clinton pulls further ahead, offering very little encouragement for Joe Biden’s likely candidacy. Trump and Carson keep going up as Carly Fiorina (down 11 points) and Jeb! (just 9 points in home state Florida) plummet. Benghazi committee Republicans announce that they will be tough, fair, professional, balanced, non-ideological, hard-working, courteous, fact-centric, focused, and courageous when they question Hillary Clinton on Thursday. Trey Gowdy will attempt credibility. Meanwhile, finding a House Gop Speaker eludes them. Paul Ryan may throw them a bone, but doesn’t want to take any crap from the Freedom Caucus. Is Bernie Sanders a Social Democrat, Democratic Socialist Capitalist, or what? Armando explains that Sanders should not let labels get in the way of his message. Why should Americans care about Canada’s election?

Thanks again to Scott Anderson for the show summary!

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