Bush super PAC head knocks Rubio for 'cynical' campaign

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<p>Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is running a cynical campaign that will come back to haunt him, according to the head of the top super PAC supporting Jeb Bush.</p><p>&quot;What’s interesting about Marco’s campaign—and in the end I think all the essential truth of the stuff bubbles up to the voters and they sort it out pretty well—is there's a cynicism to it. It’s cynical to run as the creature of new, fresh, while it’s all secret dark money. Maybe from one person, we don’t know,&quot; Mike Murphy, the head of the Right to Rise super PAC said in an interview with Sasha Issenberg in the second installment of a two-part interview with <a href="http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/features/2015-10-21/mike-murphy-rubio-s-campaign-is-cynical-kasich-s-plays-close-to-the-line">Bloomberg Politics</a> published Wednesday.</p><p>In particular, Murphy called out Rubio for running ads in opposition to the Iran nuclear deal on Fox News only, &quot;where everybody is already against the deal, instead of running those on MSNBC to pressure Democratic senators that were the outcome to beating that deal. Cynically use it just to raise your name ID among Republican primary voters who already agree with you on the deal.&quot;</p><p>&quot;There is a cynicism behind the young, fresh brand that I think is going to catch up with him,&quot; Murphy added, remarking that the media is giving Rubio similar treatment that it gave then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign.</p><p>Rubio's campaign declined to comment for this story.</p><p>The media should also be more adversarial toward Rubio, the longtime Bush friend and consultant said. </p><br><p>&quot;I think the voters will sniff it out on their own. I think the media should take a more adversarial position there, like they do with everybody else. And yeah, there will come a time when we’re going to ask, 'What are the accomplishments?&quot; he went on to say.</p><p>The more people look at Rubio, the more scrutiny he will receive, he predicted.</p><p>&quot;Well, I think Rubio’s been in this position of promising I’m going to be great eventually and not held to anything,&quot; Murphy said. &quot;Rubio can be up or down, nothing matters. None of the yardstick being applied to us is being applied to Rubio.&quot;</p><p>Asked whether that's a consequence of the Rubio campaign doing a better job of tempering expectations and deflecting said scrutiny, Murphy demurred.</p><p>&quot;No, I think it’s just low stakes, you know? Rubio’s kind of an also-ran and everybody’s waiting for the golden moment,&quot; he said. &quot;So now, if this is his golden moment, let’s take the second look. Why is he running television ads in all three early states and nationally that are paid for by mystery donors? Has he ever been even asked that question?&quot;</p><br>


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