Some of the sickest children would be cut out of Medicaid with Trumpcare

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Some of the cruelest cuts that Republicans’ Trumpcare would make are to children. The threat to children in rural areas has been documented, and now researchers are looking beyond to children with complex conditions like cystic fibrosis, autism, and Down syndrome. Or, in this case, hemophilia.

Mike and his brother have hemophilia, a rare disorder that prevents blood from clotting and is a literal threat to life and limb. He requires intravenous infusions of an expensive drug at least every other day to prevent bleeding. Despite great care, Mike had a severe complication when he was younger: a stroke after a normal toddler fall. You might not notice sitting in a room with him now, but his recovery is the result of years of intensive physical and occupational therapy.

About 37 million children—including Mike—are covered by Medicaid, comprising nearly half of all Medicaid enrollees.

is a good example of the challenges of caring for children with “medical complexity”— a group with the most complicated and costly health conditions for children. Children with medical complexity make up a small share of children but account for a disproportionate amount of care and spending due to their needs. In one study, children with medical complexity made up 6 percent of children enrolled in Medicaid in 12 states, but they accounted for 34 percent of all health spending for children in these programs.

The Senate bill would limit federal funding to state Medicaid programs on a per capita basis. Children who are enrolled in Medicaid based on being blind or disabled are exempted from this funding change, but other children in Medicaid would still be included in these caps. The cap for children will be set based on the average costs for the group over a baseline period and will increase yearly at a rate that is not directly connected to the needs of the population. State Medicaid programs will not receive any additional funding if the population costs more than the capped amount.

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