White House selling tax plan through use of lies, damned lies, and statistics

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders is mostly known for spewing BS in person from behind the podium of the White House press room, but look! She can do it on Twitter, too:


A couple of things:

  • Will the GOP tax plan really RAISE taxes on middle-class and upper-middle-class Americans? Given that the initial plan eliminates personal exemptions (replaced by a larger standard deduction), the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center said one-quarter of American taxpayers would pay higher taxes by 2027, including 30 percent with incomes between $50,000 and $150,000 and 60 percent of those making between $150,000 and $300,000. […]
  • How much will the wealthy benefit vs. everyone else? Since the GOP proposal,

    other things, eliminates the estate tax and lowers taxes for “pass-through” businesses, the same Tax Policy Center says that more than half of the benefits in the first year go to the Top 1 percent of taxpayers, while 30 percent of the benefits will go to the Top 0.1 percent.

Also, there’s a funny thing about averages: if you’re talking about the mean rather than the median—and Sanders is—then one person getting a huge tax cut and another person getting a small tax cut produces a pretty big average. To make it concrete, as tweeter @kept_simple pointed out, “did u know that if charles koch gets a $10,000,000 tax cut and i get nothing, we average a $5,000,000 tax cut.”

So don’t start mentally spending $4,000 just yet—unless you already have the kind of money where you frequently spend $4,000 without giving it much thought.

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